Il Lino archivi

An ancient fiber fleshes out a modern collection

Sobriety and refinement

The detail that makes the difference

Wearing a Tessuti di Sondrio fabric means carrying a valuable product. The label encapsulates in its weaves our savoir-faire that translates into luxury and quality. It is a precious and noble detail created in order to safeguard and celebrate who we are. A symbol that, with silent power, tells an ancient story born in 1831.

Quality yarns from our partner

Many of our Linen yarns come from our partner present in the Marzotto Group. A quality yarn with an ancient history.

The pluses of choosing a linen fiber

Fabrics from the Spring/Summer collection

Would you like to see all the fabrics?

Contact one of our agents, they will be happy to show you all the fabrics of the season to better suit your needs and you can touch them with your own hands.