Heart for Earth

Our environmentally-conscious, sustainability-minded collection. Ecru and natural colors.

Herbarium Tincturae is a new fabric collection based on sustainability and ethics. Herbarium Tincturae is a way of life and a radical re-envisioning of the usual industrial approach.

The ambitious CIUTA project was born from a collaboration between Tessuti di Sondrio and the non-profit association PRO PATRIMONIO MONTANO. It aims to restore value to local raw materials, adapting them to an approach that prioritizes a short supply chain and a circular economy.

The fabrics in this collection are made with a special yarn from Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale: 1873, The Ould Linen.

This one-of-a-kind product is made of 100% natural cotton with high-quality organic fibers that are made elastic thanks to an innovative process. A cutting-edge product that translates into a range of ultra-comfortable fabrics, combining the fibers’ natural softness with the usual comfort of stretch fabrics.

We colored these fabrics to show you how they could be dyed!

Thanks to our partnership with Tintoria Emiliana, the colors shown in the Ready-to-Dye fabrics are colored for example purposes only. Ready-to-dye fabrics are delivered uncolored.

In collaboration with the innovative company Orange Fiber, we present a new way to obtain fiber starting from orange waste. Silky, shiny, precious, innovative, sustainable and Made in Italy.

Our report

Our firm commitment to a sustainable future is concrete and evidenced by concrete actions, reported in this report. For a greener future.

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