The characteristics


Each fabric is part of a larger, specific category, which is defined according to the fabrics’ properties or by sales criteria. Discover all of these characteristics here!

Fabrics made with wool and cotton, both non-stretch or stretch.

Fabrics made with cashmere and cotton, both non-stretch or stretch.

Hemp and cotton fabrics. The sustainable choice!

Silk and cotton fabrics.

Our cotton and linen blend fabrics! Ideal for summer and warm weather.

Our cotton and polyamide blend fabrics.

100% linen fabrics.

100% cotton fabrics.

Fabrics with natural colors and dyes.

Flannel (from the French flanelle) is a soft and durable fabric made from cotton yarn, generally with a diagonal weave. After weaving, it undergoes a napping process that makes the surface slightly fuzzy. Our flannels are also stretchy.

AQUAWOOL is the first wool from the DALSASSO archive that can be washed at home, right in the washing machine!

Our supple, soft-touch fabrics!

This type of fabric has warm and fustian finish. Brushed, soft-touch fabrics that convey a sense of craftsmanship and feel totally authentic.

This type of fabric comes from profound expertise in spinning and weaving. Special techniques for twisting the yarns and weaving with very high thread-counts create ultra-compact products that perform exceptionally well. Their textures are pleasantly crepe-like and raw. All the Formal Easy fabrics belong to the ZZ twist category.

Core is Tessuti di Sondrio’s entry price. Items available for quick service.

Our elastic fabrics! With added elastomer.

Our elastic fabrics! With added elastomer. Unlike classic stretch materials, these fabrics can expand in two directions! All of our bistretch fabrics are indicated with the name “BS”.

Fluid fit fabrics stand out for their very flowing, loose bases and feel very pleasant to the touch. This type of product is also characterized by its bright appearance. Fabrics made with Lycra.

Special weaves and different patterns set the Fancy collection apart!

Fluid and contemporary, these fabrics elevate and enhance all types of leisurewear.

Double-face is our line of bonded fabrics.

Water-repellent fabrics. A high-tech treatment allows us to make our best fabrics water-repellent. Inspired by functional garments used for water sports, we created fabrics that combine luxurious textures with incredible technical properties. These products also comply with the ZDHC program and are FLUORINE FREE.

Double-twisted fabrics.

Triple-twisted fabrics.

Our technical fabrics, which generally blend cotton with special materials selected for their resistance or water-repellent properties.

Fabrics that are processed to highlight the natural elasticity of cotton, without the addition of other types of fibers.

The Superior Cotton with high-quality, SUPIMA-certified fibers.

“GW” fabrics are garment-washed (unlike the non-GW series). Garment-washing is the process of washing fabrics with a color, with the aim of pre-shrinking the garment and, in some cases, improving its texture. Garments treated with this process have slight defects in the seams.

ZZ Twist fabrics are made from twisted yarns. All ZZ Twist fabrics are part of the 2-ply category.

Discover our glossary

Every symbol you see in the fabric composition corresponds to a specific fiber. Identify them all with our handy glossary!

Our certifications

Many of our fabrics boast sustainability certifications related to the origin or type of fabric production. Discover the details.