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We select the best raw material to put it at the service of your creativity!

Select fabrics and dye them with the color you want!

Thanks to our partnership with Tintoria Emiliana, the colors shown in the Ready to Dye fabrics are dyed for example purposes. Ready to Dye are of course supplied without dye, so color them as you like!

Certi della raffinatezza dei nostri tessuti: Villa of Wonder

Lots of fabrics divided by characteristics

The Formal Easy of Sondrio Fabrics

In ready-to-dye you will find Formal Easy. This type of fabric is derived from considerable spinning and weaving expertise. Through special twisting of the yarns and thanks to a very high thread density in weaving, ultra-compact products with very high performance are created. To the touch they result with cracks, raw but pleasant.

Our entry price

Core is the entry price of Sondrio Fabrics. Items available for quick service.

Try the cotton-wool blend line

Ideal for the winter period, our line of ready to dye cotton-wool blend, ideal for the fall and winter period.

Some of the fabrics from the new Fall/Winter 2023/24 collection

Would you like to see all the fabrics?

Contact one of our agents, they will be happy to show you all the fabrics of the season to better suit your needs and you can touch them with your own hands.