21 September 2022

Introduction of a traceability system

21 September 2022

Introduction of a traceability system

It is with pleasure that we announce the introduction of a digital traceability system linked to our fabrics which aims to explain in detail the many characteristics linked to it. To do this, we use the QR CODE system, which is a very popular code that allows us to show multimedia content through our website, which has also been updated recently.

In short, a way to better understand the fabric you are wearing, with its technical characteristics and the aspect of related environmental and social sustainability, to which Tessuti di Sondrio has always cared in a particular way.

In this image Fabio Grazioli, Tessuti di Sondrio brand manager

Furthermore, again thanks to this system that will be present on the new Spring / Summer 2024 collection, we will make sure to give everyone the opportunity to get to know the world that lies behind the processing of each fabric more closely, by observing more closely the used textile machinery and clarifying all those steps necessary to make each product created by our company a "Special" fabric.

Currently 100% of our collection is in fact already digital and available on our website on request.

In short, many news, despite the period of uncertainty at the energy level that we live in these days. Our desire to experiment with new systems to offer a product of excellence, however, is the element that allows us to face difficult times like this and to be recognized worldwide for our quality.

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