About us

About us

Our factory has its roots in the heart of the Valtellina area. An unusual factory, inspired by the ancient local textile culture, based on the processing of linen, hemp and wool.

I nostri tessuti sapientemente selezionati


We represent over a century of craftsmanship tradition, often handed down from father to son, a thoughtful know-how that testifies to our passion for work and for the territory.

Authentic people full of values ​​form a large family that knows how to interpret the best cottons.

The territory

Our factory is born in the heart of the Alps, surrounded by unspoiled nature.

A unique place for a fabric factory which, not being part of a textile district, had to rely on the pursuit of pure excellence, the use of local natural resources and the use of great craftsmanship in manufacturing.


Wearing a Tessuti di Sondrio fabric means wearing values. The label embodies our know-how in its plots which translates into luxury and quality. It is a precious and noble detail created in order to safeguard and celebrate who we are. A symbol that, with silent power, tells an ancient story born in 1895.

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Our history

Our factory is born in the heart of the Alps, surrounded by unspoiled nature. Since 1895, our know-how has meant that our factory became synonymous with Italian excellence in the world for the creation of products of extraordinary quality.

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Work with us

Interested in working with us to create our beautiful fabrics? Then check if there are any open positions. In fact, we periodically look for specific figures to be included in our staff.


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