Our territory, our water

We carry our land in our company name, the source of water that is exceptionally suitable for textile finishing

At Tessuti di Sondrio we know that details are what make you stand out.
And what make a pair of pants, a jacket, an accessory stand out.

It is the details that make a product impeccable, which is why our collections are called "Details".

Details in the finish, in the colour shades, in the wearability…

Details in the various stages:
in each process we use special waters that are recognized at a European level for the properties that make them unique.

As unique as the "hands" and the sensations that they help create, because they eliminate the use of acids, caustic soda, resins as well as reducing the use of soaping agents and auxiliary chemicals.
We respect our waters: we are constantly seeking new ways to reduce water consumption, by optimizing it in the washing and preparation processes.