In pursuit of perfection

Fashion, new tastes, new trends for ever-changing, high class and elegant style offerings

New industrial processes and specific treatments lead to the creation of fabrics with innovative fashion effects. The dyes tend towards elegant colour tones and combinations. In addition, the evolution of the processes enables the creation of an all-natural product with particular attention to environmental impact.

Cotton: basic element re-invented and enriched

Ongoing production research, century-old experience, creative mechanisms

An important fabric company in the agro - food district of Sondrio

Tessuti di Sondrio gives added value to cotton by experimenting with new finishes, new solutions, new yarns, new combinations. Tessuti di Sondrio, with its unique processes, ennobles the fabric and creates distinctiveness. For a rich product, artisanal, made with mastery, purpose-constructed, exclusive.

Tessuti di Sondrio's research actively leads to the realization of new processes and finishes. The success of this ceaseless activity has led to a process innovation that enables the company to achieve an extremely high quality level in the various processing stages. Finishing is the stage where innovation achieves its maximum expression.

The excellent properties of the water alone do not suffice to produce excellent fabrics, but they do justify the presence of a textile finishing factory in an isolated context compared to the traditional districts of the Italian textile industry. Being part of an agro-food district has, for Tessuti di Sondrio, considerable advantages from a territorial point of view as well as interesting historical roots, while at the same time it requires that environmental standards be maintained at the highest levels.