Sustainability and respect for the area that surrounds us and for the people who inhabit it are fundamental values for us. We are located within a UNESCO heritage site, home to heroic viticulture, in an excellent agri-food district and this involves us even more in a moral and social obligation towards our Valley.

In our Heart for Earth collection we have fabrics made with sustainability in mind as much as possible in several aspects. For this we have certifications regarding the origin and processing of our fabrics.


The UpCycle collection offers creatives and brands more sensitive to the issue of environmental protection access to high quality fabrics at competitive prices, in order to encourage the creative reuse of materials.

Our certifications

Our commitment to a sustainable future is concrete and evidenced by the most severe and rigid certifications. We are looking for the best raw materials, oriented towards reducing the environmental impact. Discover our Certifications here.

Start together

Start Togheter is our innovative support program for artisans, students or schools who work in the field of textiles, fashion or clothing and need fabrics to be able to create something new.

La tessitura a Sondrio

The sustainability projects within our company

We joined the RiVending project, which promotes the concept of "zero waste" with the aim of completely recycling the polystyrene containers and plastic pallets supplied by the beverage dispensers in the offices and self-points within the plant.

With RiVending, the recycling of these high quality materials is simplified, avoiding expensive and wasteful separation and washing steps. With a view to the circular economy, a new one is born from each glass recovered.

RiVending is a project wanted by CONFIDA - Italian Association of Automatic Distribution, COREPLA - National Consortium for the Collection, Recycling and Recovery of Plastic Packaging and UNIONPLAST - National Union of Plastic Transformers Industries (Federation of Plastic Rubber).

Water bottles

Through the "Plastic Free" project, we intend to sensitize our employees to a more informed, responsible and sustainable use of resources, enhancing the synergy between the environment and human resources and planning the growth of the company in harmony with the quality of life.

For greater awareness and sensitivity towards the territory and the environment, we have replaced hot drink dispensers by adopting more efficient models and we have installed fountains for access to free water. As a symbol of this will, aluminum water bottles were distributed to employees.

We have a strong bond with water: it is the fundamental element for the creation of our unique collections of fabrics. For this reason, we proudly share the mission of "Wami" water, selecting it for our distributors automatic.

Together with Wami, we help safeguard and finance water projects to donate clean water to communities that do not have access to this resource: each bottle provides 100 liters of water per person.

Wami only uses R-Pet bottles made from 50% recycled plastic. On each Wami label it is possible to trace the financing project for water development referring to the specific family to which it is addressed.


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